Character Update: Horus

Hachiman-Concept2 Hachiman-Concept1

Artworks by Isuardi Therianto

Horus is the son of the brilliant inventor/creator Osiris of Misr. He is the perennial advisor to the Pharaoh and leader of the war council.

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Character Update : Apollo


Artworks by Bryan Lie

A member of the twelve Olympians. Son of Zeus, brother of Artemis, and half-brother of Athena. Envisioned to be the one to succeed Zeus, Apollo is given full authority over Argus Height, a section of Olympus Chamber by Zeus. One of the most revered Rulers of the Hellenic people, Apollo has the ability to feel and see as the humans do. He is able to empathize with the humans when most Rulers are blinded by their power and position.

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Character Update : Athena

Athena-Concept2 Athena-Concept1

Artworks by Guillaume Menuel

The golden child of Zeus, Athena is radiating with brilliance. She is the most loved Rulers in all of Hellenic Republic even to shadow his own father. Ever since Athena was a young Ruler, her strategic intelligence placed her among The Olympian Pantheon. Being the paragon of humanity, she is surrounded by legion of supporters who devoted their lives to Athena, both Rulers and humans alike.

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